Journal articles

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Book chapters

Shepherd, Tamara. (2018). “AI, the persona, and rights,” In Zizi Papacharissi (ed.), A Networked Self and Human Augmentics, Artificial Intelligence, Sentience (pp. 187-200). London: Routledge. (pdf preprint)

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Encyclopedia entries

Shepherd, Tamara (2018). “Privacy Rights,” in Jon Nussbaum (ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication [online].

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Policy papers

Shepherd, Tamara. 2019. Submission to the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel, 10 January 2019.

Shepherd, Tamara and Catherine Middleton. (2016). Intervention Regarding the Consultation on Review of the Wireless Code: Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2016-293, 18 July 2016. Intervention #143 (3 October 2016) [pdf]; Hearing Presentation (8 February 2017) [pdf].

Shepherd, Tamara. (2015/2016). Intervention Regarding the Consultation on Review of basic telecommunications services: Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-134, 9 April 2015. Intervention #271 (Phase 1, 14 July 2015) [pdf]; Comment (Phase 2, 1 Feb 2016) [pdf]; Final submission (25 May 2016) [pdf].

Middleton, Catherine, Tamara Shepherd, Leslie Regan Shade, Kim Sawchuk and Barbara Crow. (2012/2013). Intervention Regarding the Consultation on Proceeding to establish a mandatory code for mobile wireless services: Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2012-557, 11 October 2012. Intervention #1063Comment #1127Final Reply.


Smith, Karen Louise, Kathryn Meisner, Leslie Shade, Tamara Shepherd, and Doug Belshaw. (2015). Co-designing open badges for privacy education with Canadian youth. Project Report for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. 38pp.

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Shepherd, Tamara, and Alison Harvey. (2013). Pixelles: Final Report. Prepared for Feminists in Games, 89pp.

Magazine articles

Shepherd, Tamara, and Alison Harvey. (2014). “Tethered and Wired: Tech-based Communities,” Shameless Magazine, Issue 27 (Fall).

Shepherd, Tamara. (2011). “Ideas for Sale: What You Need to Know about Intellectual Property,” Shameless Magazine, Issue 19 (Winter).

Blog posts

Shepherd, Tamara. (2017, February 17). “Reading the Zuckerberg manifesto,” Culture Digitally.

Shepherd, Tamara. (2015, March 5). “It’s 2015, do you know where your data are? The Data Trail Badge,” Mozilla Hive Toronto Learning Network.

Shepherd, Tamara. (2015, February 12). “Understanding Personal Information: The Anonymizer Badge,” Mozilla Hive Toronto Learning Network.

Shepherd, Tamara, and Aphra Kerr. (2014, April 4). “Indie/dependent: Incubating Indies in Dublin and Montreal,” Culture Digitally.

Shepherd, Tamara, and Alison Harvey. (2013, November 1). “A Moment for Hate: An Unexpected Theme at IR14,” Culture Digitally.

Shepherd, Tamara. (2012, November 12). “Desperation and Datalogix: Facebook Six Months After its IPO,” Culture Digitally.

Shepherd, Tamara. (2012, March 19). “Copyright and Tuition Hikes: Canadian Civic Engagement and Cultural Production,” Culture Digitally.

Shepherd, Tamara. (2011, June 27). “Search and Destroy: More Antitrust Allegations Against Google,” Culture Digitally.

Selected media 

The Sprawl. 2021. “Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy in Alberta.” 8 May.

Communications Governance Observatory Podcast. 2019. “Platform Regulation, parts I & II.” 2 and 16 July.

CBC Alberta @ noon. (2018, December 17). “Have you quit Facebook? Do you have a responsibility to do so?” (radio).

CJSW 90.9FM Calgary. (2017, June 19). “Precarious employment,” Yeah What She Said (radio and podcast).

Slate Magazine. (2015, October 16). “Why does hate thrive online?


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